SkiBikeFun LLC is currently purchasing used SkiBikes and SkiBike parts.

Please read what to expect, then fill out the form below.

Here's what you can expect from SkiBikeFun LLC in purchasing your used skibike equipment. None of the statements below are guarantees of what you will receive. They are guidelines and will be different from deal to deal.

SkiBikes (and parts) graded as follows: 1-5


5-Pristine bike. Ridden Once and garaged. Could be waxed and put back in the box as almost new.

4-Very clean bike. Well maintained. Normal wear on skis. Few scratches and small chips.

3-Average used bike. Scratches, dings, chips, heavy gouge or two in the skis, looks like someone has had a bunch of fun on it!!!

2-Poor shape. Been rode hard and put away wet. Big dings and most likely needs new skis but all together.

1-Parts bike. Partial parts or bad bad damage but salvageable parts.


* Use above scale for bike parts also.


If we reach an agreement on a purchase price, you will send the bike to SkiBikeFun LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a final inspection will be completed. Upon final acceptance,

funds will be paid as follows:


Payment Method:

*Payment mailed to you via check/money order.-Approx. 20-45% of retail value or purchase price.


*Credit at for purchases. 40-70% of retail value or purchase price.


NEW!! Sell you bike here at the internets only multi-line SkiBike Retailer on consignment. Ship us the bike with your selling price, all we ask is 15% sales commission + actual shipping cost to buyer....nothing more. Just ask us. If bike does not sell, you own shipping cost back to you. Remember...we also purchase SkiBikes and parts.


Send any questions to:

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Last Name


Phone Number




Bike Manufacturer ( i.e. K2, Koski, Hanson Bikes...)


Model (i.e. SMX, Mono Track, SKI M-X with X-Rails...)


Your Purchase Price or what did you trade it for?


Bike Grade (1-5 see examples above)


Additional Comments



*Buy submitting your info to this form, you agree to the conditions set above.